CG Reel

Modelling, shading and lighting reel plus a little bit of compositing.

All modelling done in Cinema 4D. Rendered with VRayforC4D. Compositing and finishing done in Nuke and After Effects.

Sony Head Mounted Display: modelled from prototype reference.

Grants Whisky Bottle: modelled from product reference.

Black and Decker Multi-tool: modelled from product reference.

Sony Car Stereo: CAD conversion.

Nokia 808: modelled from prototype reference.

Sony Stereo: modelled from product reference.

Car: tracked and composited in Nuke. 3D done in Cinema 4D. Finished in After Effects.

Sony Lens Camera: modelled from prototype reference.

Nokia Elle: modelled from prototype reference.

Sony Wireless Speaker: modelled from product reference.


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