Sony 1000X Headphones – Lifestyle Video

Sony asked us to create two videos for their new 1000X headphones. This is the lifestyle video.

I worked with Jade Tomlin, Jon Williams and Marko Anstice on the concept and storyboard.
It was shot in Turin on an Alexa Mini.
There was extensive post work in Nuke: screen replacement, removing Ferrari logos, removing the reflection of the cameraman from the taxi, adding birds, adding the place, removing people from the background as well as general stabilisation and clean-up.


Creative Director: Yannick Connan.
Creative Group Head: Jade Tomlin.
Concept: Jade Tomlin, Jon Williams, Mark Mathieson, Marko Anstice.
Copy: Jon Williams.
Producer and Project Manager: Rebekah Renford.
VFX: Mark Mathieson.

Production company: Habana Creative (London) & Lule Production (Turin)
Producer: Andy Welch (Habana Creative) & Alessandra Richiardi (Lule Production)
Music: Simon Epstein (Signal Sound) & Eleni Hassabis
Director of Photography: Benjamin Thomas


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2016 Sony Compositing, Video