Sony IFA 2017: Behind The Scenes Video

For a number of years Hugo & Cat have been asked by Sony to cover their presence at large industry events such as IFA and CES.
I was part of the small but agile team that attended CES in Las Vegas. We produce a wide range of content, from photos for, Instagram and Facebook to video’s and 360 videos. We shoot during the day in and around Sony’s booth. Post production takes place in the evening from our hotel rooms.

This video takes a behind the scenes look at Sony’s presence at IFA, the work that goes into creating the booth and the build up to the keynote.


Concept: Mark Mathieson.
Video and photography: Mark Mathieson.
Additional photography: Davide Melis, Rebekah Renford.
Post production: Mark Mathieson.
Editing: Mark Mathieson.
Producer and Project Manager: Rebekah Renford.
Account Director: Nick Lawrence


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2017 Sony Photography, Video