Sony Soundbar

3D tracking in Nuke (for the addition of CG elements).

Colour management (From Alexa Log C footage through Premiere, After Effects and Nuke to the web).

Screen and display replacement and wire removal in Nuke.



Director – David Betteridge
DOP – Ernesto Lomelli
Creative Director: Yannick Connan
Production Designer – Evan Murphy
Local Production – Collaborate Pictures and Black Gold Films
Concept: Yannick Connan
Copy: Jon Williams
Producer: Paul Albert
Project Manager: Kristof Harling
Music: Matt Santo
Visual Effects: Mark Mathieson, Oliver Osborne, Paohan Chen
Editing: Marko Anstice
Grading: Marko Anstice


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2013 Hugo & Cat for Sony Compositing, Video