TUNED: Premium Car Audio by Sony

Sony asked Hugo & Cat to create a video that would show the care and attention that goes into their car stereos and how they are tuned for each vehicle.

As VFX Supervisor on the project I worked on: Extensive shot clean up. Motion graphics and compositing for the laptop screens. Shot retiming, 3D tracking and set reconstruction for the shot where the 3D speakers appear.


Creative concept: Jade Tomlin & Rudhraigh McGrath
VFX Supervisor / Compositing / Motion Graphics: Mark Mathieson
3D: Oliver Osborne
Creative Director: Yannick Connan
Project Manager: Rebekah Renford
Production: The Free Associates
Director: Jack Laurence
Editing: Cut & Run
Grading: Glassworks
Music: Jack Arnold
Director of Photography: John Lee
Sound mix: Azimuth


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