Sony Bravia

Concept (with Simon Voigt).

Shot clean-up (Nuke).

Modelling and shading of TV (Cinema 4D and VRay).

Compositing of TV into end shot (Nuke).


Director: Jack Laurance
DOP: Ernesto Lomeli
Concept: Mark Mathieson and Simon Voigt
Creative Director: Yannick Connan
Art director: Simon Voigt
Producer: Paul Albert
Project Manager: Errol Velinor
L.A. Production: Go Go Luckey
Art dept: Evan Murphy
Copy: Jon Williams
Editing: The Armoury
CG: Mark Mathieson
Grading: Jack Jones / TVC Soho Post Production
Sound Design: Mathew Denny
Music: Jim Copperthwaite


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