Sony MX700Ni

Modelling and shading of the product from physical reference (Cinema 4D and VRay).

Modelling and shading of much of the room, some items were bought (Cinema 4D and VRay).

Lighting (Cinema 4D and VRay).

Compositing and grade (Nuke).


Product tour animation for the Sony MX700Ni stereo.

Creative Director: Yannick Connan

Producer: Bastian Koch

Concept and Storyboard: Oliver Osborne and Yannick Connan

Modelling: Mark Mathieson

Shading and lighting: Mark Mathieson

Animation: Oliver Osborne, Mark Mathieson

Grading and compositing: Mark Mathieson

After Effects: Oliver Osborne

Music: Sebastian Kiefer


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2011 Hugo & Cat for Sony 3D, Animation, Compositing